The cost of food is rising, not just in the grocery store but even in restaurants. I had a friend tell me the same meal she orders every week when she goes to her favorite restaurant was $20 more last week. Several of my coworkers have brought up how the same grocery staples they buy for home are also a few dollars more than they were a year ago. I will admit I don’t tend to notice how much prices have changed because I use a lot of savings strategies. If you want to focus and worry less about how much grocery costs, learn more about ways to save when food costs rise.

Look For Deals

The first rule when your grocery shopping is to always have coupons on hand. That’s an easy answer to rising food costs. Are there other ways to save? Of course. Do not just look for items that have a coupon to match. Look for manager markdowns in-store and BOGO deals. I always get the best manager markdowns early in the morning, shopping at Kroger. Aside from those things, you need to be making a list before you even venture out to the store. Go on couponing websites and see deal breakdowns that match your household needs. They tell you everything you need to get the deal done and even the associate price.

Don’t Buy Junk and Name Brand Foods

We all need a little junk food here and there, but you don’t have to buy it all. That does not mean just snacks. Im talking about skipping bottled water and prepared foods. Those items tend to be way overpriced and unnecessary when trying to save money. You can also shop for store-branded products. The trick is finding the alternatives you like and go from there. Store brand products are a fraction of the cost of some name brand items. Why spend more when you’re getting similar quality and taste?

Stop Eating Out

Eating out is a luxury that you should enjoy. Im not saying stop eating out altogether, but you should try spending less time in the restaurant and more time in your kitchen. Research has shown, meals at home cost $13 less than the meals you buy at a restaurant. Not only that, they are healthier for you. I know I used to spend a whopping $500 a month on restaurants, compared to $150 every two weeks eating at home. That $200 savings funds my savings account or goes towards other needs.

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