Foodland digital coupons are one of the most convenient ways to save money on groceries. If you are a Foodland shopper, and you aren’t taking advantage of these coupons, then you are missing out.

There are two different types of Foodland digital coupons. First, you can go to the site and clip the specific coupons that you want. Second, you will receive emails with additional personalized coupons.

Use both types of coupons to maximize your savings at this store.

Sign Up For Foodland Digital Coupons

First things first; you have to sign up to be able to access Foodland digital coupons. Don’t worry; there’s no fee. You simply have to create an account. Enter your email address, name, phone number, and a password of your choosing. You will also select your local Foodland store location. Then you’re all set to get started.

Clip Foodland Coupons from the Weekly Ad

Once you have signed up (or subsequently, once you log in), you will be able to see the Foodland Weekly Ad. In a typical week, there should be more than 100 coupons available to choose from. Browse these coupons, “clip” them, and they’ll be digitally stored to your account.

To “clip” a coupon, simply click “add” on the coupon you desire. You will notice that there’s a calculation tab that updates at the top of the web page. It starts by telling you how much potential savings are available with this week’s coupons. As you clip coupons, it will tally your planned savings (presuming that you use the coupons you’ve clipped.)

Then, when you shop at Foodland, you’ll be able to use these digital coupons. Just enter the phone number associated with your Foodland digital coupons account into the register at checkout. Every item you have a coupon for will automatically receive the appropriate discount.

Check Your Email for Foodland Digital Coupons

You don’t have to go to the website each week to get Foodland digital coupons. You’ll also receive an email with offers personalized for you. When you see the email arrive, clip the coupons that you are likely to use that week. This email is also a good reminder to head over to the website to see if there are any other coupons there that you would benefit from using.

Supplement Savings with Foodland Printable Coupons

In addition to digital coupons, Foodland also offers printable coupons. If you like the process of downloading and printing coupons, then this can be a really great way to supplement your overall savings. Combine Foodland digital coupons with printable coupons. Make sure, of course, that you don’t get tempted into impulse buys just because you have coupons. Create a Foodland shopping list and stick to it.

Check Out the Recipes from Foodland

As you look at the Foodland website, you might notice that in addition to coupons, the same page has a link to “recipes.” You can search recipes there, perhaps to find something that will allow you to use items for which you have a coupon that week. You can also use the site to create an ingredients list.

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