Why Are YETIs So Expensive?

Why are YETIs so expensive? No, I’m not talking about the abominable snowman kind. (Although if you find one, it would surely be valuable.) I’m talking about YETI brand, primarily known for their food storage coolers.

YETI also makes other items. Their drink tumblers are popular. Furthermore, they offer all sorts of outdoor gear including camping chairs, blankets, and even a dog bowl.

Of course, you can get those items from other brands at a low price. So, again, why are YETIs so expensive?

Why Are YETIs So Expensive: The Advertised Reason

YETI was the first company to come out with high-tech roto-molded coolers. This is a method of cooler design that keeps the cooler better insulated for a longer period. In other words, it’s designed to keep your food fresh, safe, and ready to eat for far longer periods than your average cooler.

With this design, the cooler is made from a single piece of plastic. Other coolers are often pieced together, which allows for openings that diminish the insulation. The single-piece approach provides better, longer-lasting protection for the ingredients you store inside.

Furthermore, additional insulation is added in the form of a pressure-injected foam. If you put ice in a regular cooler, it melts. It stays frozen solid for a longer period with YETIs. So, when people ask why YETIs are so expensive, the short answer is that they are higher-quality and the food inside will stay cool longer.

Some of the other advertised and celebrated reasons why YETIs are so expensive include:

  • They’re super durable. You won’t need to buy a new one for a long, long time. Therefore, you get your money’s worth if you’re outdoorsy.
  • If you really love the outdoors, then you might find yourself in places where there are bears. YETIs are bear-proof.
  • They come equipped with non-slip feet. If you take your coolers fishing or in other wet places, this is a nice feature to have.
  • YETIs have a non-sweat shell, so there won’t be any condensation on the outside.
  • Furthermore, YETIs have a great drainage system for when that ice finally does melt inside.

YETI is a Lifestyle

Of course, there are many things that contribute to the cost of an item. In the case of YETI products, people are willing to pay more because of the lifestyle they associate with the brand. YETI doesn’t just advertise what’s great about their items; they use inspirational videos and advertising to showcase how their products are part of a specific lifestyle.

People who aspire to that lifestyle may be willing to pay more for YETIs because they’re buying the style. It creates a supply-and-demand situation. So, why are YETIs more expensive? One reason is that people are willing to pay that cost.

There’s more to it than just using the “right” brand, though. Shoppers today want to invest in businesses that they believe in. YETI has a fundraising program to support community organizations. If you have the option to buy a no-name cooler that doesn’t give back as compared to a YETI cooler that supports the community, then you might be willing to spend more because of where that money is potentially going.

Are YETI Products Worth the Cost?

Some people will ask, “why are YETIs so expensive?” with a shake of the head. In other words, there are people who would never pay that much for coolers, tumblers, food storage, and camping gear. Other people will take a look at what YETI is all about and find value there. YETI products are worth the cost if:

  • You frequently spend time outdoors and want long-lasting products, particularly coolers.
  • The brand is something you aspire to, and you want other people to know that.
  • You’re willing to pay more for items if you believe in the company. Of course, YETI may or may not be the company for you.
  • You want to customize your items. YETI drinkware, and some coolers can be customized. This is particularly popular for NASCAR fans as well as certain college teams.

Tips for Buying YETI Products

You can purchase YETI products in a variety of local stores. Alternatively, you can shop online. YETI offers free ground shipping on sales exceeding $19.99. Therefore, you might as well shop online, as long as you don’t need your product to arrive the next day.

If you’re interested in buying YETI in bulk, then you need to purchase more than 100 of the same item. Use their Corporate Sales Contact Form to learn more about how to get the best bulk rates.

As with any other online shopping experience, you should always seek out promo codes and deals before finalizing the purchase.

What do you think? Have you tried YETI products? Do you think they’re worth the investment?

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