1894: The year that coupons were born. After purchasing the formula for Coca-Cola for $2,300, Asa Candler creates and distributes hand written tickets for a free glass of his new fountain drink.

1895: The year the first grocery coupon is born. C.W. Post creates and distributes a one-cent coupon for his new health cereal, Grape Nuts.

1930’s: Coupons come into their own as many households look to save money any way they can during the Great Depression.

1940’s: Supermarkets come on the scene. Coupons make the jump from neighborhood grocery stores to these new regional grocery stores.

1957: Coupons create a new industry as the Nielsen Coupon Clearing House becomes the first company devoted to coupon redemption.

1965: It is estimated that 50% of all Americans use coupons.

1975: Over 35 billion coupons are distributed and the number of households that use coupons rised to an estimated 65%.

1995: The first coupons appear on the Internet.

1998: America celebrates the first National Coupon Month.

2002: Shoppers save and estimated $3 billion dollars by redeeming some 3.8 billion coupons.

2003: The number of households estimated using coupons stands at 77%.

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