Grocery shopping could be costly and tiring, but it doesn’t have to bring you down. Following these simple steps will teach you how to be efficient in grocery buying. With all this information, grocery shopping could become your new favorite activity!

Plan Your Weekly Menu

Before you make a shopping list, think about what your family enjoys eating. Plan out what meals and items you need to put together a wholesome breakfast, fulfilling lunch, and delicious dinner. Envisioning these items will help set your list and ensure no return visits for items you left out to complete your feasts.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

After planning out your meals, its time to write out your list. While your drinking your morning cup of coffee or have a break at the office, you need to jot down what you need. As you write out your shopping list, group items by where they are located in the store. Be sure to only purchase what is on the list. Any deviations from the grocery list will likely push you over your budget.

No Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Never go into the grocery store when you are hungry. While your tummy is growling, all you can think about is all the delicious food you want right now! This way of thinking leads to impulse buys and unnecessary spending. Stop for a quick snack to eat to settle the cravings and curb your spending.

Keep Your Receipts

Keeping your receipt can be a multifaceted solution on how to be efficient in grocery buying. Looking over your receipts can help to ensure all your items rang up correctly in terms of price. You can also look to make sure all sales and coupons were properly discounted. Keeping the receipt is good if you use rebate apps like Ibbota and Checkout 51 to earn cashback on your grocery. For the organized shopper, these receipts can be logged into a spreadsheet. It will help you keep the cost of how much you typically spend at regular intervals. It can also help you keep track of product prices for future shopping trips.

While this list doesn’t have all the tips you need to be an efficient grocery shopper, its a great starting point for you and your family!

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