After a long hard day, the last thing you want to do is hit the grocery store. With that in mind, would you take advantage of a shopping shortcut? There’s a relatively new way for you to shop these days. Through curbside pickup and grocery delivery options, you can get the skip the shopping and fill your pantry. 

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery has curbside pickup and grocery delivery options. If you want to pick grocery up on the go pick a time slot, order what you need, and arrive to pick it up at your convenience. There is no fee for this luxury, and if you rather skip the store altogether some Walmart locations offer delivery. This service is in select markets and comes with a fee of up to $9.99. For additional grocery savings pair your coupons, and the new Walmart grocery user coupon to save $10 off your first purchase.

Kroger Click List

Pickup (formerly Kroger Clicklist) started about a year ago. The idea behind the service was to allow shoppers to order their groceries online and have it brought out to their car on demand. When you access the Kroger click list, you have to identify your pickup time and date along with your information. Then you simply find the items you need and add them to your list. You can allow for substitutions of similar products in case something is out of stock.

After you add your items, it will give you a subtotal and you provide your payment method. You will only be charged at pick up and may use digital and physical coupons to bring down your total. When your ready to pick up your items, arrive at your chosen time slot and call the store to have it brought out to you. Be advised there may be a fee to use this service.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry gives you the opportunity to shop for dry grocery goods and home and cleaning supplies straight from your computer to your door. The services boast 5%-10% savings on increments of five or ten items. The site also has coupon savings on specific items that can bring your total down. Prime members get free shipping on Pantry orders over $35. Please note there is a subscription fee of $4.99 per month to use Amazon Pantry services. If you are looking for fresh items you can head to Amazon Fresh for more grocery delivery deals. Note fresh offers free delivery from the Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh to all Prime members. 

There are many other great services like the ones listed all aimed at providing a more convenient way to shop for hardworking shoppers. Take advantage of curbside pickup and delivery options available to you!

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