Aside from the beautiful and fun Macy’s Day parade, Macy’s is pretty awesome. They feature top-of-the-line clothing brands, home goods, accessories, and cosmetics. They have deals for the whole family that you can not miss out on. I especially love the special savings at Christmas. That is the time you can find the deepest discounts in the form of rebates. If your unfamiliar, let me tell you how to get a mail-in rebate from Macys.

Sales Ads

Around the holidays, you need to get a Macy’s sales ad. The ad will list many of the rebate deals. I have been fortunate to plan my store trips and rebate deals this way. The ad will tell you which items qualify for a rebate. It will also tell you the price of the item when the rebate is factored in. Typical rebates are offered on bed and mattress purchases, home goods, luggage, appliances, and more.


After you have identified the items you want, it’s time to make a purchase. Many of these deals can be purchased in-store, online for pickup and delivery. In all cases, you will need the receipt. Please do not throw your receipt away, as you will not get the rebate without it. Once you have purchased your item, you need to get the proper rebate form. These forms typically print out with the receipt or come with a packing slip if picking up or getting it delivered. You can also print out a form online here


Once you have filled out the rebate form, there are a couple of things you need to gather up and include in your correspondence. Aside from the address, make sure you send off the original packing slip or receipt that shows your purchase. You may be asked to circle or highlight the items on the receipt. You will also need the original UPC off the product. I typically cut the barcode and UPC out with a pair of scissors and slide them into the envelope. Be sure the UPC features all 12-digits. Once you have all your documents, send off your mail to the address listed on the form.

Things to Consider

Be sure that you submit your rebate form in time. You must have purchased your items and submitted your form during the correct promotional period only. Also, be patient. Your rebate will not come overnight. Allow 6-8 weeks to pass before reaching out. If you want to check out the progress without hassling customer service, you can use the rebate tracking tool here.

I hope you learned how to get a mail-in rebate from Macys and will put the information to good use.

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