Grocery shopping and couponing is a monumental task. While it may pose a challenge and demand much of your attention, there is no reason it can not be a family activity. If you have small kids, it’s time to get them in the game. Instead of just dragging them along on the boring shopping trip, get them involved. If you want less complaining and fussing in the store, teach your children to coupon.

Make It a Game!

If you want to generate interest in couponing, make it fun. Do not use a lot of jargon when discussing what coupons are because kids bore easily. Speak plainly and turn the activity into a game. You can have your kids play I-spy as they try and find coupons for their favorite products in the weekly circulars and then cut them out. You can use them later while in the store, where you can challenge your kids to find the items on their list in under a certain amount of time. Think of Supermarket Sweep as your in-store game inspiration. You can get creative in making this a fun, inclusive activity the kids will love.

Be Patient

We all know couponing is a time-consuming activity. You have to buy, cut, organize, and make sure you’re using the right ones in the store. Teaching that to a kid, even when having fun, can be a lot. If your children are having a hard time grasping how to coupon properly, don’t sweat it. Take the time to let them make mistakes and learn from them. Be kind to them and don’t be afraid to take them on sample shopping trips. Incorporating games into the process will help them learn the information quicker and will ease your mind when it comes time for the real thing.

Offer a Reward

Along with patience and gameplay come incentives. Incentives help motivate your child through the learning process. Don’t be afraid to challenge them to a game and offer up a reward if they win. You can choose something small and cost-saving, like playing their favorite game when they get home or putting on their favorite film. Offering up a special treat also works nicely. If you follow these tips to teach your children to coupon, you will be a success.

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