I love to shop at Walgreens. When I was heavy into couponing, it was my go-to store. Even now I love shopping their end-of-the-season sales. I wait until things get priced 75% to 90% off and go wild. This is how I usually get my Christmas gifts in early July. Aside from the end of seasons sales, I love getting other goods at the store. They offer paper coupons, but there are some good deals when using Walgreens’ paperless coupons. Check out how to use the store’s online coupons today.

How To Get Walgreens’ Paperless Coupons

Obtaining and using Walgreens’s coupons is simple. If you are not a loyal customer, sign up today. You can either download the application or go to the webpage. Once online, you can look for the signup button, or you can find it here. Afterward, enter your personal details and connect your loyalist account if you have one that you use in-store. This is usually your phone number. After, you just need to find the savings section and locate the coupons.

What Coupons Offers Are Available

There are many different types of paperless coupons on Walgreen’s site. First, you have Walgreens store-branded coupons. These coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons to increase savings. They are designated with myWalgreens on them. You also have Catalina coupon offers that may state you have to spend a certain amount of money to receive cashback on your next offer. They may also state a specific number of items you have to purchase or offer your Walgreens rewards points. Lastly, manufacturers’ coupons are offered on all your favorite brands.

The Best Things to Coupon For At Walgreens’

After you download your coupons, you need to add them to your card, shop, and enter your number at checkout to redeem. You can often redeem them for some great items. I usually walk out of Walgreens with free to cheap deodorant, oral care products, lotions, and body wash. Try it out, and let us know what awesome things you get.

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