When it comes to the best values on grocery, household, and personal care items, the grocery store is not the only go-to. You can look further and consider drugstores. My personal favorite is Walgreens. They offer so many great deals on quality bathing, haircare, and oral products. Another store I have begun to love is CVS. They have a new program to help loyal customers save. Learn all about the CVS CarePass program perks today.

What is the CVS CarePass Program?

The program is an extension of their free loyalty program. The free version of the program is called Extracare. Under the program, you can use your card to secure covenant coupons from the Extracare center. Each purchase earns you 2% back in Extracare rewards that you can redeem for money off future purchases after you met the points threshold for redemption. There is even a beauty extension of the program. It gives you $3 back after spending $30 on beauty and special V.I.P. perks. The CarePass is a paid loyalty program that comes with these benefits and so much more. Instead of having the free service, you get a plethora of better services for $5 a month.

CVS CarePass Program Perks

By upgrading your loyalty to a paid program, you are getting more exclusive deals and services. The best CarePass perk is the 20% off CVS Health Brand products. This is especially useful if you shop for your medications at the store. You are also guaranteed a $10 monthly promo reward you can use on a purchase of your choice. Remember, the price of the program is only $5 a month. The $10 promo reward each month makes this deal a moneymaker. If you are looking to pick up prescriptions at the store, you will get same-day Rx delivery for free and access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline.

Is the CarePass Worth It?

The CVS CarePass program can be worth it if you already shop at CVS. It is also valuable to people who would rather get prescriptions delivered rather than pick them up. While services like Uber and Doordash offer RX delivery, it’s not free and over time, will amount to more than $5 per month. Additionally, you get more back in rewards than you pay for the program. CVS is paying you to sign up, so why not?

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