The pandemic changed some of our shopping habits. While I very much like shopping in-store, I’ve gotten to a point I want to relax on the amount of time I spend going up and down the aisles. To make my life a little less complicated, I searched for a marketplace to order fruits and vegetables. I happened upon two websites, but I chose to go with Misfit Market out of the two. Misfit Market sells oddly shaped fruits and vegetables that you just can’t sell in-store. Here is my review and recommendations on the company.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-up is rather simple. You can sign up with your email address through a simple prompt. There is no membership fee, but you must add at least $30 of products to your shopping cart before it was shipped. Upon sign up, you get to choose which day you want your box to be delivered, and they give you a shopping window for when you can fill your cart. If you shop within the window and the total equals more than $30, they will automatically charge your card and ship your items to you.

What Can You Get?

There are several categories of items that you can get using the Misfit Market. For me, I have ordered mostly fruits and vegetables. They also have pasta, chips, and other everyday products that you could use. The kicker is most of the products are healthier. Some of the things that I have personally ordered from the website include carrots, radishes, oyster mushrooms, whole melons, artichoke, and leeks. Just recently, I ordered something that I have never ordered before, and that is a 2-ounce jar of caviar. All of the items come in a small quantity, so you can use them over the week.

What I Like

I like that the prices are fair. I purchased oyster mushrooms for $2.29, black lumpfish caviar for $4.99, and a bunch of fresh spinach for $1.79. All the items have come underpriced in comparison to what I can purchase them for at the grocery store. Alongside that, the quality of the food is superb, even with some odd or misshapen pieces thrown in. I love they offer vegan and gluten-free products that are cost-effective, delicious, and healthier than what is offered at the grocery store. You can also build your box with the items you need, where other subscription services send a premade list of items, some of which you may not use. If I had to give Misfit Market a rating, I’d say it was a nine out of 10. I have already recommended it to some of my family members and friends who are looking for simpler ways to shop and healthier food options at an affordable price.

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