Verify Coupon Legitimacy

If you’re coming to this site, it’s because you want to know all about coupons. Not just about using them in-store, but how to organize them, find great deals, and even how to make them go further. Coupons are a great addition to any household budget because they reduce the cost of groceries and contribute to more money in your pocket. While they are easy to obtain and use, there are some downsides. One includes their authenticity. While most coupons you find are valid, some people try to get over on you. It is important to verify coupon legitimacy , and here’s how:


Before anything else, you should check to see if your coupon is from a valid source. Coupons coming directly out of the Sunday paper inserts or direct from a store’s website are probably legit. Sometimes you will find that a manufacturer has special coupons they can send you or featured on their website. As long as you validate the web address, there are safe. Other trusted sources for printing coupons are websites like, RetailMeNot, or P&G. Outside of these sources, look more closely. Do the websites you visit have a secure web address? Are there any reviews of the source, and what do they say? If you’re using a coupon fairy, you need to make sure the coupons they are offering match up to the ones being printed in the circulars. Also, validate where their coupons came from, just in case they were illegally obtained.


If you’re printing coupons or getting them for someone, check the clarity. A blurry coupon is not legit. This goes for printable and online coupons. Coupons that appear photocopied are also not legit. If you get access to an online coupon that must be presented on your phone during checkout, it may also be invalid. Even if such a coupon were legit, most grocery stores do not accept phone coupons. Be sure that the coupon code around the coupon is visible. If the coding information is not present, it may not be real or accepted. If your coupon is altered in any way, it is invalid.

It is imperative that you verify coupon legitimacy. This will save you from embarrassment and a drawn-out shopping trip. For more tips at spotting a fake coupon, check out the posted video. Also, read more for awesome content.

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