You can enhance your couponing experience in a number of ways. One of the ways is through the use of cashback applications. They offer discounts and money off select items much like a coupon. One such site is Ibotta. If we have not talked about it before, we are now. It is an absolute must in your couponing regimen. Find out why below in my Ibotta review.

Application Design

Ibotta is a simple app with great features. It has a fun interactive design that captures your attention. They have a section for your favorite stores and even for online retail savings. You can find bonus buck deals and money-back challenges to complete as well as track your yearly savings, browse coupons and shop all from within the app.


Ibotta is a simple application to use. You can download the app directly to your phone here. You can also use the web version if necessary. Once your sign up, add your favorite stores. This allows for a more customized experience. Click on the stores you like and browse through the coupon options. If you find one you need, click the plus sign beside it. Sometimes the app may ask you to watch a video or take a short quiz to add it to your account, but otherwise, it’s a painless process. What’s also great is, you can link your loyalty accounts from stores like Publix and Target and get instant savings when you check out in-store. Otherwise, you have to photograph and submit a copy of your receipt in the app after redeeming offers.

Cashout Opportunities

After you have racked up more than $20, you can cash out your account. There are several redemption options. I typically take cold hard cash sent directly to my Paypal account, though that is hardly the only option. You can choose to send it to several banking options like  Bank Of America, Chace, Wells Fargo, and American Express. You can also redeem it for gift cards. Options range from theaters, home improvement, apparel, electronics, and restaurant redemptions.

My Experience

Over the last few years, I have relied on Ibotta to help me earn more cashback on the products I love. The app has helped me save more than $600. The cashback opportunities they provide are diverse and can work for almost all households. Aside from that, I love trying to meet the bonus challenges if it’s things I’m already buying, of course. I l also love that there is an opportunity to get cashback on adult beverages and restaurant purchases. If you haven’t got started with the app, I hope my Ibotta review helps.

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