When you go shopping, you must always have a list. I find that when I go without one, the trip ends up being disastrous. I end up with a cart full of things I do not need, and my bill increases exponentially. To keep the cost down and your shopping in check, a grocery list is essential. If you are not great at keeping a list but want to curb your extra expenditures at the grocery store, today you will learn how to make the perfect grocery list. 

Be Organized

The first step in crafting the perfect list is to get organized. Don’t just jot down whatever comes to your mind and put it on the paper unless you’re going to rewrite it later. If you’re not interested in doing a complete rewrite, think about where the items are in the store or what category of food they are. You can start by writing out fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, frozen items, and so on. You essentially want to get everything you need in a specific aisle all at once without circling back, so make sure you list items by what aisle they’re on.

List Details

Don’t just write the name of the product out on your list. Instead, give your list a little bit more detail, especially if you’re trying to stay on budget. Always write down the name of the product and the size that you’re looking for. If you find it in a sales ad, make sure you write down the price that it is supposed to be. I even go as far as writing down whether it’s on sale or not and what kind of sale or promo it is under. Afterward, list out any coupons you have for the item. List out all coupons to include the manufacturer and digital coupons and or cashback deals. Write down how much off you’re getting with the deal and the total price of the item when you factor in coupons and cashback.

Don’t Deviate

Lastly, make sure you stay focused in the store. Please do not go to the grocery store hungry or without a clear, focused mind. You want to eliminate distractions while shopping, or you will end up over budget and with a cart full of items you do not need. Do not deviate from the list unless what you need is out of stock.

There are only a few simple rules to creating the perfect grocery shopping list. Be sure to provide feedback on our suggestions and watch the posted video for more grocery list-making ideas.

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