Over the years, we have seen the grocery industry change. People have moved away from the old norms of shopping and are letting technology and convenience lead the way. How have you coped with the changes, and are they noticeable? Over time I have come to enjoy the new realities of shopping. If you want to know how things have changed, read on for more about innovation in grocery shopping.

Pick-up and Delivery

The most noticeable change for me is the pick-up and delivery options. While I still like handpicking my grocery, nothing beats these options when you have limited time. Pick-up and delivery options mean you do not have to physically shop. Instead, you order the items you need online or via an app, and a store associate or other worker will hand pick out your items. When finished, they pay and deliver it to you. Delivery options include shipping, a personal shopper coming right to your door, or a store associate coming outside to your car and packing your grocery inside.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have also been very useful when it comes to grocery shopping and savings opportunities. There are apps like Instacart where you can order your grocery direct. Then there are popular cash-back grocery apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51. These apps allow you to upload receipts and get cash back on purchases you make in-store. They often have freebie offers and make it fun and easy to try out new products. There are also other apps like Fetch that allow you to earn points for your shopping trips. Those points and cash back rewards translate into gift cards or cash straight to your preferred banking institution. 

Meal Prep Made Easy

For shoppers who want quick and easy meals, the store has you covered as well. Most grocery stores have their version of meal preps. I have found some interesting ones like meatloaf and taco kits at Kroger. I also found some tasty chicken alfredo and roastery chicken at Sam’s club. If you like sandwiches or salads, there are a variety of premade kits at Publix.

Innovation in grocery is ever-evolving as you can see from the post and posted video. What innovations have you noticed?

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