Navigate Grocery Stores During A National Shortage

Over the last two years, we have seen several product shortages across various industries. Over the holiday, people feared that their favorite products would not be in stock in time for Christmas. They hurried to make online purchases or clear shelves at the first sight of a restock to ensure they wouldn’t be out of luck. Just like with those industries, grocery stores are also feeling the squeeze. I know you all have heard about the chicken wing and cream cheese shortages, but it seems like most of our favorite brands have been impacted. If you’re looking to combat the problem, here’s how to navigate grocery stores during a national shortage.

Shop Early

Don’t be afraid to hit the store before everyone else. There are certain times of the day when the store is going to appear empty. To combat this, you want to avoid shopping around the time people start getting off of work. That’s most commonly between the hours of five and six during the weekday. You also want to avoid shopping in the late afternoon on the weekends, as shopping crowds tend to be large during those hours.

I advise going early in the morning if you can swing it. My preferred shop time is usually right before I have to go to work. In the wee hours of the morning, the store shelves are mostly stocked or are getting restocked, and you have first dibs.

Stock Schedule

When things are in short supply, it’s good to know when your store is going to be restocked. Don’t be afraid to get to know your cashier, manager, and other workers at your favorite grocery store. Chat with them and ask them when the next truck is expected to come. If you know what day to expect the truck, you know what day to get in the store and get what you need before everyone else.

Look for Alternatives

Most of us love the brands we purchase and hardly want to look for anything else. It’s a bummer when we can’t find those items we have grown to love, but there are alternatives out there. A quick google search while you are in the store can help you identify alternatives to the food you love, so you do not go without.

The food shortage will hopefully subside soon, but if not, I hope these tools and the tips from the posted video can help you navigate through grocery shopping. 

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