If you are a fan of organic and all-natural products, you have probably heard of Mambo Sprouts. The website is known for making healthy living affordable. The marketing company offers a wide assortment of specialty coupons they deliver by mail, in-store, and print-at-home methods. The company also publishes articles, videos, and newsletters with budget-friendly wellness tips. If you were a fan of the business, you may notice they do not have much of an online presence anymore and we will tell you why.

Printing Cost

Mambo sprouts decided to move away from coupons as printing costs of coupons and marketing materials increased. There was also a move to make coupons, marketing, and promotions digital. During the shift in the marketing world, the CEO chose to take the brand in a new direction taking the company away from healthy coupons at the end of 2018.


By the end of 2019, the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Court documents sited the company had $100,000 in assets but more than $900,000 in debt. Among the debts, was money owed to bloggers for their website and commercial printing companies. Documents showed that Mambo Sprouts was unable to settle debts for many months before closing its doors for good.

Current Health Coupon Sites

Mambo Sprouts saw an opportunity to provide a service that was missing from the health food arena. While their era had sub come to digital coupons, others have popped up in their place. For good health coupons and cashback opportunities, you can visit several sites. The newest health rebate app is Makeena. You can also find healthy rebate options on the apps Checkout 51 and Ibotta. Other online coupon sites have also sprung up to include Lazo coupons and coupons.com. Each site has a wide array of coupon offers. While they may not be directly tied to all things healthy, healthy coupons are offered up.

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