If you’re just now getting into couponing or if you’ve been in it a while, you know how fun it can be. I enjoy going to the store and getting products from the best brands at a discount. It’s the one opportunity I have to try new products that I would never purchase with my own money. Couponing also allows you the ability to pick up larger quantities of items that you can use to form a stockpile. While not everything can be stockpiled, some things can. Here are some items that can be stockpiled and the reasons you should stockpile. 

What To Stockpile

One of my favorite things to stockpile is personal care items. Most of those items do not have a sell-by date. As long as they’re kept in good condition, they can last a long time on the shelf. In this category, I love to get lots of deodorants, body wash, and shampoos. Think other items like razors and paper products as well. I am still using the stockpile of razors and paper towels that I got several years ago. Other things you can stock up on include baby items. It’s not uncommon for people to stockpile baby wipes, Pampers, and pull-ups. If you’re only looking for groceries, you can get canned goods, dry pasta, and other non-perishable items.

Why Stockpile

Now on to the why. For one, it limits your yearly grocery trips. I mean, who has time to continuously shop for the petty stuff? I know I have a busy schedule, and I like to think a lot of people do. Having a stockpile means you could go down to your basement, or wherever your stockpile is in your home, and pick up what items you need to refill l instead of heading to the store. To sum it up, it’s convenient. Secondly, you can share with others. This is my favorite part of stockpiling. I don’t just do it for myself. I use what I buy to help other people who may benefit from it. If I can’t use it, I give it out to family members, friends, or even donate the items to diffrent organizations.

What’s in your stockpile, and why do you have one?

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