While it’s nice to save a few coins on grocery shopping, could we do better? Absolutely. There are ways to get grocery items free. If you want to go a step above that, you can land yourself a moneymaker. That means you will earn cash back, above the items total, when you use coupons or combine the offers with other cashback avenues. These are my favorite type of deals. If you’re just learning coupons or want a little more back on your shopping trips, follow along to learn about the moneymaker coupon deals this week.

Grocery Moneymakers

If you’re looking for snack foods, I saw moneymaker deals at Target. For breakfast, they have a great offer on Kellogs Pop-Tarts. Grab one 8-ct box for $2.19. After you pay, submit your receipt to Ibotta for $3.05 back. You can also pick up some Ritz snack crakers. I love them with some cheese and grapes. Purchase the 11.8oz package, and submit the receipt to Ibotta for $3.59 back. Don’t forget to round off your snack mix with Smart Popcorn. A 6.75 oz package will earn you $3.81 on the cashback site. If you have a Shoprite nearby, you can also pick up a Red Barron Pizza. You pay $3.50 at the register, and Ibotta credits you $4.49 when you get home.

Personal Care Moneymakers

CVS is earning the top spot on my list of deals this week. Aside from groceries, personal care items are very pricy. This is especially true if you like the best brands on the shelf. This week they got you covered with deals on Garnier, Colgate, and more. If you need panty liners, checkout Posies 2-in1 liners regularly priced at $7.49. Pair the item with a CVS branded coupon ($3/1), an L2C coupon for $3/1 poise product, and submit your receipt for $5 back on Fetch. If you do the deal correctly, you will make $3.51.

Next, head over to Walgreens, a favorite of mine. While there get some Dove. Right now you can pick up 9 body products and get up to $4.08 back. Simply purchase 3 Dove Handwash 13.5oz., 2 Dove Body Wash 22 oz, 1 Dove Handwash 13.5oz, and pair it with 3 Colgate toothpaste. You’re going to use a $1/1 Walgreens store coupon and a $3/2 L2C manufacturers coupon on the Colgate, a $3/2 Dove product L2C coupon, and a $7/2 Dove MenCare L2C coupon. Be sure to get the spend $20 get $5 Walgreens cash offer on the website. In turn, you will receive $15 Walgreens Cash, a $5 register reward, and when you submit your receipt to Fetch, $5.

There are other great non-money maker deals out there this week. What are you buying?

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