Safeway is a regional grocery store chain. The store features a great selection of products for consumers who want the good stuff. While grocery shopping is essential as we are all stuck at home, it is best to get the best deals to stock your fridges and cabinets. Check out our list of the latest Safeway promo code deals for you to take advantage of.

Promo Code Deals

Safeway has three featured promo code deals for the week. The best option posted is for free delivery. If you purchase 3 select Proctor and Gamble products and $99 worth of products, you can receive this offer. Add code FREEDELIVERY to take advantage. The last two offers include free product. If you spend $50 or more of groceries, you can receive either a Free Primo Taglio deli meat or cheese. You can use code PRIMOCHEESE or PRIMOMEAT for this offer.

Club Card Specials

There are several club card specials available at Safeway. Many feature Mexican style items like tortillas, salsa, and enchilada sauce. Other featured items include Soy sauce, turkey jerky, and Hershey’s candies. Other international ingredients are also available. Be sure to check them out.

Other Safeway Deals

The other featured deal on the Safeway site is the BOGO deals. There are several listed items under this category. You must purchase both items to get the lesser or equal value item free. Some of these deals include Kellogs branded cereal. Included cereal include Mini Wheat and Raisin Brand cereals. You can check out the BOGO deals here.

Safeway has many offers for the common shopper and those who are stuck in quarantine. You can fill up your cabinets and feed your family for less. Do so with the latest Safeway promo deals listed today. You and your whole family will be glad you did.

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