Anybody can use grocery coupons. Moreover, anyone can benefit from using grocery coupons. You don’t have to be scraping by from paycheck to paycheck to reap the rewards of saving money on everyday expenses.

That’s why I wasn’t too surprised by a recent article sharing that multimillionaire basketball coach Bruce Weber is a huge fan of using coupons at the grocery store.

I think these stories are inspiring. They remind us that everyone can use money-saving deals. After all, no matter how much money you have, you want to really make it work for you. When you save money, you get the opportunity to put those savings to better use.

Who is Bruce Weber?

If you don’t follow basketball then you might not know who Bruce Weber is. However, if you do follow college ball then you know him as a former Illinois coach who now coaches at Kansas State University.

He’s taken his teams to more than one dozen NCAA championships. In 2005, he earned Coach of the Year.

Apparently, he was so famous in Illinois that he would have to do his grocery store runs late at night to avoid getting mobbed by fans. However, he finds that he can shop with ease in Kansas. He sees fans there, but all he feels is warmth.

Why Bruce Weber Loves Grocery Coupons

Bruce Weber may be a multimillionaire today, but things didn’t start out that way. When he first started coaching basketball four decades ago, his salary was a measly $2000. He had to save every penny that he could to make ends meet. That’s when he came to love grocery coupons.

These days, he doesn’t have to use the coupons. Nevertheless, he choose to. He loves the thrill of hunting for a good deal. It feels good when you know you’re getting the best price on something because you put in the hard work to shop smart. Anyone can get a kick out of that, regardless of whether or not they “need” to save that money.

One thing that Weber misses is the old days of double stacking and triple stacking coupons. While you can still do that in some stores today, you usually don’t get cash back from it. If you get your price down below zero with coupons, then you don’t have to pay anything, but you don’t get any cash in hand. However, in the old days, you used to actually get money back. Weber prided himself on the ability to cash out.

Grocery Couponing Tips from Bruce Weber

If asked to provide one single tip about using grocery coupons, Bruce Weber would likely say, “be persistent.” It’s the perfect advice from a coach who is used to telling people about the value of practice and hard work. His tips about persistence when it comes to grocery coupons include:

  • Check the ads regularly and consistently.
  • Be aware of the usual prices for things so that you know when you’re getting a good deal.
  • If you see a great deal then buy in bulk.

For example, Weber knows the price of candy. He also knows that stores seriously discount holiday-themed candy prices after the holiday has passed. Therefore, you’ll find Valentine’s Day candy or Easter candy available in his coaching office … but only days after those holidays are over.

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