I finally got past this cold enough to open my inbox. Along with my usual coupons, product advisories and announcements, and other newsletter stuff, there was an announcement from my Nature Made rewards program. Nature Made is offering $5000 a month, for six months, and providing a free laptop, for someone to blog about using their SAM-3 product. Nice!

I've been a member of their advisory board and rewards program for years, and in all honesty they are aware I can't use SAM-E since my accident, as it may interact with some of my other meds. Still, it's a nice change. I'm always encouraging people to sign up for newsletters, advisory panels, and send emails with compliments to manufacturers of their favorite products. Usually people just receive free product coupons, loads of free products to try, coupons to share. A few people have even received trips to California to participate in panels in person, and my sister even received a nice trip to Disneyland. But a job offer is always interesting.

The job offer was extended to their advisory board, people who have used the product and people who have been on their product panels, as well as people who visit their special product website. “Applications” have closed, but still…who knows what the next email may bring in.

You can find out more about this opportunity here, or sign up for other Nature Made panels, or other manufacturer panels and opportunities from our guide page here.

Guide to Brand Contacts for Coupons, Newsletters, and Special Promotions

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