It’s been around for several years now: shop online through a certain website linked to retailers like or and earn $ back or credit for a future purchase. EBates, Myrewards, Mypoints, even credit cards and banking cards, such as Visa and Bank of America, offer “buy more, save more” rewards programs through their “online mall” websites.

Now supermarkets are offering similar online mall programs that provide rewards good for future grocery purchases. For example, A&P stores recently introduced their new Rewards Online Mall. Under this program, you can shop at 1000’s of stores online and earn cash back rewards for grocery shopping at A&P affiliated stores. Getting started is easy:
(1) Login through your local grocery store link, such as
(2) Register your Club card #
(3) Click the link to the Rewards Online Mall website
(4) Access over 1000 popular online retailers and shop through these links using your Club card to accumulate rewards (average is 3% of your checkout total)
(5) For every $10 of accumulated rewards, a rewards certificate for $10 good towards grocery purchases at your local A&P store is sent to you.
(6) Redeem your Rewards certificates at grocery checkout to reduce your cash outlay for groceries.

If you want to take this one step farther, remember to use a credit card that pays 1% to 5% cash back on grocery purchases to generate even more cash back for future purchases. Couple this strategy with shopping sales, using coupons and stockpiling items you use in large quantities and you will have a powerful arsenal of tools for maximizing grocery shopping savings.

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