There will be times when you end up at the grocery store with no shopping plan in place. Due to time restraints, you failed to review the sales flyer and you rushed out without any of your coupons. It could be that you're on vacation and in a town that's unfamiliar. You may even be in the grocery store without a well thought out shopping list.

Even when you aren't prepared, it doesn't mean that you can't still make the grocery shopping economical and not a waste of money. When you find that you have arrives at the grocery store without a battle plan, there are still a number of steps that you can take to reduce your the amount you spend at the grocery store:

Buy store brands
Pay attention to the sale prices
Use your loyalty card for discounts or rebates
Look for coupons along the aisles or on products
Buy in bulk, or at least price compare the various sizes
Look for BOGO offers
Stick to the outside aisles of the store
Don't buy more than you need for this trip
Don't assume that, “special” means sale
Look for displays selling damaged or about to expire foods
Watch for pricing mistakes
Don't buy more than you have to

Keep these steps in mind when you do find that you are in the grocery store unprepared so that you don't pay more than you have to.

You can read the full article and details on each of the above steps to reduce the grocery shopping when unprepared at saving advice

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