Safeway Coupon Policy 2010

The Safeway coupon policy for 2010 hasn't changed from the 2009 Safeway coupon policy. All indications are that the 2011 Safeway coupon policy will continue to remain the same, but we will update this page if any changes to the Safeway coupon policy occur during the year.

Safeway accepts three types of coupons: Safeway store coupons, manufacturer coupons and online manufacturer coupons. It is important to understand the difference between each o0f these coupons and how they can be used to save the most when shopping at Safeway with coupons.

Safeway store coupons: Safeway issues Safeway store coupons as part of their weekly advertising flier which can be found in their stores, at their website and comes in many newspapers that are distributed in areas where there are Safeway stores. Safeway coupons are exclusively for Safeway stores and may not be used at other grocery stores (unless those stores accept competing coupons). Safeway store coupons are not considered manufacturer coupons and they can be combined with a manufacturer coupon when making a purchase at a Safeway store.

Manufacturer Coupons: Safeway accepts traditional manufacturer coupons found in the Sunday newspaper inserts, in magazines and in other traditional print media. In most cases, one coupon can be used for each product purchased, even if several of the same product are purchased at the same time.

Safeway Competitor's Coupons: Safeway does not accept competitor's coupons in their stores.

eCoupons: Safeway does accept eCoupons that are loaded onto your Safeway club card. Once loaded, they will automatically be deducted from the price of the product purchased when you swipe your Safeway club card into the system and will be noted on your receipt. These coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons and Safeway store coupons to get some great deals.

The four main sites where you can load eCoupons onto your Safeway club card are: and

Online Printable Coupons: In September 2008, Safeway released their Printable Coupon Acceptance Policy which is still in effect today. You can read it here.

Safeway does accept online printable coupons. This policy states that the printable coupon cannot exceed 50% of the item’s value, but this isn't enforced at most Safeway stores today. You do want to make sure that your printer is full of ink when you print the coupons because they may not be accepted if they won't scan and lack of ink can make this happen.

Safeway Double Coupons: Certain Safeway stores do double coupons, but it is not a store-wide policy to do so. If the Safeway store doubles coupons in your area is dependant primarily on market competition. Safeway stores that do double coupons do so up to $0.50 in value every day of the week.

If you have an issue with the manager of your local Safeway store in regard to accepting coupons, your best move is to contact Safeway directly and ask for clarification of Safeway's coupon policy. You can find Safeway contact information here

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  1. Today I was buying 4 cases of Fanta soda. I had 2 coupons of buy 2 get 2 dollars off. The checker said that the back of the coupon said “one per purchase” and so I could only use 1 coupon. I countered that it meant I could not use 2 coupons on 1 product and she told me “we don’t see it that way.” It did NOT say 1 coupon per transaction. Which policy does Safeway adhere to? 1 per purchase or 1 per order? Thank you kindly, Lorilyn Tarr

  2. The Safeway checker was misinformed. If a checker says that, tell them to void your transaction and you will talk with the manager. The managers are usually better informed on coupon policy (not always). If the manager agrees with you. simply ask that they take time in the next meeting to re-inform cashiers on how coupons work. If the manager also says the same, contact Safeway headquarters giving store and manager information so that the can retrain the manager. Try and stay as calm as possible — the goal is to get them to know it is OK to use coupons, not to get them disliking anyone that uses coupons. By doing this, you will also help countless more shoppers take full advantage of coupons.

  3. ok. I havnt started to use coupons yet I have always been confuised.. ok say I have a coupon for .50 cents off a bottle of shampoo, well I want to get more then just one do I need a coupon for each one I get or can I use the same coupon on say 5 bottles?
    in one purchase? will the system take 50 cents off each bottle automaticly?
    Thank you so very much for your help
    Laura Carrillo

  4. I have recently started couponing and discovered that Dominick’s Foods in Illinois is owned by Safeway. Does anyone know if Dominick’s doubles coupons and is it only certain ones in the Chicago area?

  5. @Jill

    Your best bet is to ask customer service at your local grocery store. Doubling really varies from market to market.

  6. I am new to coupons, What does double coupons mean at safeway? Does that mean I can use the same cupon twice on one item?

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