I’m in a bit of a crunch right now. I’m supposed to be hosting a cookout at work tomorrow, and I don’t have a single item yet. The person who was supposed to supply the meat had to cancel. So now I’m on my own to figure it out. If you’ve ever been in a crunch, here are some tips for saving at the last minute that I will use today.

Shop Late

I’m working right now, and I don’t get off until late. While that seems draining, it’s also the perfect time to go shopping. I love to shop at Kroger, and markdowns are usually spot-on at night. So tonight, I will be perusing the meat section to see if there are ground meat products on sale for $2 or $3. I’ll also be looking for other meat products like fish and chops. I’m pretty sure I’ll find what I need.

Shop Sales

To get the best prices, you need to be looking at sales. Before I even step foot in Kroger looking for a markdown, I’ll be looking through the sales ad. I’m going simple for the cookout, so I’ll be focused on veggie deals for a hearty salad and looking to see if there are any deals on hotdogs and buns. I’m seeing $.99 a pound for Vidalia onions, $3.99 for lean ground Turkey, and a few low-cost hot dog options. We also need drinks. With Pepsi and Coca-Cola products being 4 for $13, we won’t go thirsty.


The last thing you can do when you are shopping and trying to save at the last minute is focus on coupons. After looking through the sales ad and writing your list, go to the coupon section of your favorite store. See what coupons match up to the items you need, and make sure you add them to your account.

These are just a few ways to save at the last minute. Do you have any other tips or ideas? If so, drop them in the comment box below.

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