Couponing is relatively simple to get started with. All you need is access to coupons and the willingness to learn to put deals together. You can get coupons from many places, including the Sunday paper, online couponing sites, and loyalty accounts with your favorite retailers. There are also some new places to get coupons from. One I found recently was LOZO. Find out how to use LOZO couponing and what it is.

What is LOZO?

Lozo is a place where you can find access to printable coupons. It’s similar to sites like It gathers coupons from over 400 sites across the internet in one convenient place for you to access. As you know, most coupon sites have a limited amount of prints, so this is one more tool you can add to your tool kit to get extra. You can also build grocery lists and let LOZO help you track them and provide specialized coupons for your needs. 

What Kind Of Coupons Can You Access?

The website features thousands of manufacturer coupons, loyalty rewards and offers, and special restaurant savings. Most are printable from their website, but a few will direct you to the website where you can find the original coupon link. For instance, Target offers will link you directly to the app for you to add them to your Target Circle account. The site does not have coupons. Instead, they act as a repository for coupons you can find across the internet.

What Else Does The Site Offer?

The site offers unique shopping and savings tips for savvy shoppers looking to save on grocery and household products. For people who do not want to frequent the site often, the site allows you to create grocery lists attached to your email. When you subscribe, LOZO will curate coupons that align with your list and send them directly to your inbox. You won’t have to lift a finger.

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