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Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. I’m ready for the good food, conversation, and family. I’ve gotten my recipes together and convinced my family to have a fancy dinner party. I know that you all are just as excited about the holiday. Whether you’ve already got your menu together or are struggling with it, Ibotta is offering you a chance to score a free Thanksgiving meal. For more information on the deal and how to redeem, follow along below.

The Deal

You can get your free Thanksgiving meal for 100% cash back on Ibotta. That includes a turkey and sides, and the offer is good from now until November 23rd. New members can add the free thanksgiving items after signing up by locating them in the app and adding the coupons to their list. They would then purchase the items, upload the receipt, and get the cashback. Existing users have to jump through hoops. There are minimum offer redemptions you must meet to unlock free Turkey. Mine is 16, while I have seen others set as high as 30. Once the offer is unlocked, you have to redeem several more to unlock the sides. You must unlock these offers by November 18th to get your freebies.

What’s Included?

There are five freebies included in this offer. You will get a free Butterball Turkey up to $14 as an entree. For sides, you can get Bob Evan’s original mashed potatoes, Jiffy cornbread mix, green beans, and McCormick gravy mix. All of these items total over a $20 savings.

Changes From Last Year

As you know, this is Ibotta’s third year doing the free Thanksgiving meal giveaway. However, some things have changed. It is no longer a free coupon that anyone can access at any time. This year you have to redeem so many offers to get access to exclusive savings. Having to redeem 16-32 offers is a major drawback. However, if you find the right deals to meet the requirements, it could be advantageous. I’d start by looking at any freebie deals and Bogo offers they have and work my way down the list.

If you are a new customer with immediate access to the deal or an existing customer who can find a loophole around the bonus redemptions, this deal could be worth your while.

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