The end of the month is quickly approaching and I need to make a decision again whether to end this challenge or shoot for 100 days (100 days on $1 a day just seems to have a nice ring to it). I’m pretty sure that I could do it (although there would undoubtedly be more disasters along the way) and hopefully continue to improve my cooking a bit more. The problem is that this challenge is taking a lot of time (not the couponing part, but the creating the meals and writing the blog posts) which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but it has meant that I have had to take time away from Penny Experiment and getting food to local food banks. While these two challenges are complimentary, I could do a lot more for the local food banks if I could spend the time I have been spending on the Eating Well On $1 A Day challenge and direct it exclusively toward Penny Experiment.

So I started to think about if there was a solution to this issue (well, assuming that anyone would like me to continue). I would be willing to continue (and even put more effort into it) if in return, those following and learning from it are willing to begin take one (or more) free food item that they get grocery shopping (and that they don’t need themselves) to their local food bank.

Even if only a small number of people are willing to do this along with me, I’m sure that the impact would be far greater than me doing it alone which would make it a win-win situation for all. You will learn how to cut your grocery bill while getting more food for yourself, local food banks will get more food and Penny Experiment will get closer to the goal of donating $1 million worth of food banks that much more quickly.

So I need you to leave your opinion in the comments on where you would like things to go from here:

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