One of the best ways to save money with grocery coupons is to stack them with other discounts. You can save a lot more when you use a coupon when the item is on sale and when your local store is offering double coupons rather just at the time you find the coupon. Another way to stack savings is to sign up fro programs that offer additional savings when you purchase their product. A good example is the Upromise college education savings program.

Basically, this program will give you small amounts of money if you buy certain brand name of products that can be used toward your children's college education. This can add an extra 1% to 3% additional savings onto your purchases.

Of course, the best course of action is to sign up and then ignore the list so you don't buy things your really don't need. I have found that it adds a few extra dollars a month in savings that I would have otherwise missed. Here are a list of some of the products that receive discounts and their percentage — if you already currently purchase any of these products, it's worthwhile signing up since it's free to earn the extra rebate:

Baby Health and Nutrition
Beech-Nut® (3%)
Children's Tylenol® (2%)
Enfamil® Formula**(1%)
Infants' Tylenol® (2%)

Baking Mixes & Ingredients
C&H® Sugar (3%)
Domino® Sugar (3%)
Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt (3%)
Fisher® Chef's Naturals® Ingredient Nuts (3%)
Florida Crystals® Sugar (5%)
Lucky Leaf® Pie Filling (2%)
Musselman's® Pie Filling (2%)
Nestle® Baking Chocolate (3%)
Nestle® Toll House® Morsels (3%)
Speas Farm® Fruit Filling (2%)

Apple Time® Apple Juice (2%)
Florida's Natural® Orange Juice (1%)
Florida's Natural® Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (1%)
Lucky Leaf® Apple Juice (2%)
Musselman's® Apple Juice (2%)

Canned & Jarred Goods
Apple Time® Apple Sauce (2%)
Cremora (1%)
Farman's (3%)
Heifetz (3%)
Lucky Leaf® Apple Sauce (2%)
Musselman's® Apple Sauce (2%)
Nalley (3%)
Peter Piper's (3%)
Speas Farm® Apple Sauce (2%)
Steinfeld's (3%)

Frozen Foods
Marzetti Frozen Breads (1%)

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