Stockpiling: The Supersaver Arsenal

Let’s face it: with gasoline prices hovering around $3 per gallon, almost all of us are paying as much as $40 to $50 per fill up at the gas station. Add that cost to rising prices for many other goods and services, and we are all searching for additional ways to stretch every dollar to pay for the range of things we need each day, week and month. It’s a tough challenge. There is, however, a time-proven method to combine the discounting power of coupons, sales, and rebates over the long term to free up some much needed cash.

This practice is referred to as “stockpiling.” Finding the super deal and then buying not one or two, but as many as you can at the super deal price. This requires you to have as many coupons as possible for every item at any given time (and hence, a “wish list” of coupons). Then corner the market, and store them away. Create your own warehouse in your home and you are no longer depending on the store to give you a great price. You can wait it out, until another super deal comes along.

Super savers have at least a three months supply of basic items, from toothpaste and shampoo to pasta and rice. Ten tubes of toothpaste, purchased at 0 – 50 cents a tube during a sale/coupon/rebate, is ten tubes of toothpaste you are not going to pay $4 each for a month from now. That’s $35 – 40 of savings on one item alone…multiply that by the number of tubes your family uses a year, and you can begin to identify the potential savings.

Many sites, and self-proclaimed super savers, will tell you that this works, and that they pay virtually nothing for groceries. This is likely true.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math. I can, however, give you a very personal analysis, and experience, from my own rocket scientist husband’s life.

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