Things I Got Cheap This Week

I am on an extended break from work due to the holidays. That means unlimited trips to the store. While I do not need to go to the store every day, I have been several times. Kroger is by far my favorite. I recently talked about the best times to go shopping if you’re looking for grocery deals. Let me tell you. I have been using those tips to my advantage by shopping early in the day. Here are just a few grocery things I got cheap this week:


Meat is a staple item in my home cooking. I never miss a day without this protein source. When shopping, I typically peruse the meat aisle to see what items I need are on sale and what unique items are available for me to try. This week I happened upon several meat markdowns. I picked up four packages of 98/2 ground turkey for $2.49 and Half-off uncured hardwood smoked bacon for $4. I was also lucky enough to get some turkey burgers for $2.49 a pack and some cod fish. Dinner is going to be easy to fix these next two weeks. I’ll also have more free time to cook as I’ve used this admission essay service to do my essay for me.


I have about a soda a day at home, and I was running out. So I figured I’d go see if there was an active soda deal available to me. There was. Kroger still has the four for $13.33 sale on all can sodas going on. You can get Coke and Pepsi products on this deal. I snagged up my favorites to include Coke Zero, Coke Zero cherry, Sprite Zero, and A&W zero. Considering they are $7 a pack, this was well worth the money. If you prefer the bottles, they have four for $12.

Holiday Deals

Since the holiday ended, you know they put Christmas items on sale. While I haven’t browsed through the aisles just yet, I know what they are offering. If you go in-store or online, holiday items should be marked 50% off. This is a great time to stock up on holiday candy, gift sets, and decor before next year.

These are just a few things I got cheap this week. What did you snag?

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