Online grocery stores are increasingly popular. Where would you go if you wanted to buy groceries online? Most people say Amazon. Some say Walmart. Not too many say Kroger. The company is late to the game. But is it too late?

People Want to Shop at Online Grocery Stores

Remember the time before cell phones? And then suddenly it seemed like they were everywhere? That’s how fast things have changed with online grocery stores, too.

The Wall Street Journal reports that only about 5% of the US food market currently happens through online sales. However, those online sales are growing by 40% annually. At the same time, in-store grocery sales are stalling out. They aren’t growing at all.

Therefore, in order to be relevant today, most grocery stores have some type of online platform. Usually it includes both ordering and delivery.

Kroger Has Been Late to the Game

Kroger CEO Rodney McCullen says that the store is ready to start focusing on online grocery sales. However, some think that they are too late to the game.

They’re a conservative business. They didn’t want to go online. In fact, they’ve potentially messed up so good partnerships in the tech world as a result.

For example, Kroger showed in interest in working with Shipt. However, Shipt ended up going with Target. Kroger also talked to Plated, but Albertson’s bought them.

Nevertheless, the tech is available out there, and it seems that now Kroger is ready to take advantage of it.

Kroger Makes Some Investments in the Future

McCullen knows that he has to turn things around. The company is investing $4 billion towards the kind of technology that online grocery stores need. Some of what they’ll be getting include:

  • Warehouses that will be managed by robots
  • Partnership with a meal kit company
  • Partnership with an autonomous vehicle company
  • Selling its own line of products online

They’re still interested in their in-store experience, though. Some of that money is going to digitally-enhanced marketing in stores. Perhaps it’s not a bad move since Kroger currently beats other stores in sales.

Order Online at Kroger

Kroger is attempting to make headway in the realm of online grocery stores. You can now go to their website and place an order. You can choose to pickup your packed order at the store or get it delivered to your home. If you’ve ever shopped at Safeway online, it’s similar to that experience.

Of course, when shopping for groceries online, you always want to use your coupons. Kroger does have a digital coupons section. You can click on it on the website and filter by category (such as breakfast) or brand name. You can also choose just those coupons available for pickup or those for delivery.

It’s not a seamless system. But Kroger is getting there. They’ve certainly done a great job making a name for themselves as a go-to grocery store. Only time will tell whether they’ll step up to the plate and git a home run with online grocery sales.

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