Grocery shopping can be an exciting and daunting task. It can be daunting if you go into the store absent of a plan. Especially, if you just pick up things you see as you stroll along. This can make your trip to the store lengthy and your bill will likely be higher than it would if you simply got organized. One of the best ways to get organized is to plan out your list before you walk into the store. You can do this by examining weekly ads when they come out and matching sales with coupons for the best deals. Follow below for information regarding your favorite store’s  weekly ad release day so you can adequately plan your next trip to the grocery store.


Kroger has a new ad that comes out every Thursday. It features the latest sales available to you and even gives you digital coupon matchups so you can get the best prices. Along with its release of the weekly ad be on the lookout for Free Friday items the first Friday of every month and three day sales which get advertised early in the week. These sales are exclusive and only lasts for a short time, Friday-Sunday.


Publix releases ads on one of two days, depending on where you live. In my town Publix ads are released on Tuesday, but some locations swap ads on Wednesday. The add features the latest BOGO deals and other great sales. It does not feature coupon match-ups for you, however. Alongside the weekly ad, be on the lookout for the savings booklets that usually rotate every few weeks.


Walgreens usually has great soda, cleaning, and personal care deals available each week. The store’s weekly ad comes out on Sunday and features coupon match-ups that coincide with paper coupons and its savings booklet. The Walgreens Savings booklet is another great tool for getting a few additional dollars off and comes out at the start of each month. Alongside the weekly ad and savings booklet, additional bonus coupons and deals can be featured in the weekly add that will help you add rewards points to your account, redeemable at a later date.


Target grocery deals are awesome in my opinion. The store changes its weekly ad every Sunday. You can see new deals on grocery items in the store, and sometimes you can score mega coupons to use in-store. While the ad does not feature coupon match-ups, it informs you of gift card deals, mega-store coupons, and cartwheel offers.


Walmart’s weekly ad appears to come out on Sundays but does not change every week like many stores. The ad runs a few weeks before changing over for new deals. While it features many rollback deals, do not look for coupon match-ups, you will have to do it all yourself.


HEB branded stores change ads every Wednesday. The add not only features great food deals but how to get the most savings on popular items. Be sure to look out for its digital coupon offers, basket coupon offers, and other store coupon deals in the featured weekly ad.


I hope the weekly ad release day helps you get organized as you shop and helps you save lots of money. If you did not see your favorite store, write it in the comment section for next time.

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