If you want to get the most possible savings when doing your grocery shopping then you might opt to shop at multiple stores. If you know which stores have the best deals on which items then you can mazimize your savings. Therefore, it’s helpful to have lists of the best value items at all of the stores where you might want to shop. Here’s the list of things that you should consider buying at Aldi, instead of at other grocery stores, if your goal is to maximize savings.

Look for Aldi’s Store Brand

The information for this post comes from an article over at Yahoo! Finance. The author did comparison shopping between different stores. She specifically compared the Aldi store brand with other store brands including those from Costco and Kroger. Therefore, if you’re looking at the best prices on name brand items then this list might not apply. However, if you’re open to maximizing savings by getting the store brand, then keep this Aldi list handy.

4 Grocery Items to Always Buy at Aldi

There are a few common staple items that people tend to buy including bread, cereal, and spices. These are things that you should always get at Aldi because the cost is lower than other stores.

The best deal is definitely the bread. Store brand bread at Aldi is significantly cheaper than bread at Costco. It’s also cheaper than bread at Kroger although not by quite as much. Whether you’re looking for frozen French bread or slives of wheat for your morning toast, Aldi has the best buys.

If you like to eat cereal in the morning then Aldi is your store. Of course, no matter which store you shop at, you should look for the store brand and the cereal on the lowest and highest shelves (not those at eye level). That’s where you’ll get the best deal. Aldi offers their brand of popular cereals at about $1.69 per box, which is significantly cheaper than the name brand versions.

If you’re more of a smoothie person, then you might buy a lot of frozen fruit. Aldi has great prices in this section as well.

Finally, make sure to pick up your spices at Aldi. They’re only 99 cents each! Spices often make the difference between a bland meal and a great one. You can’t do better than spicing it up for such a low price.

3 More Items to Consider Getting at Aldi

The Yahoo! Finance article also lists three more items that are cheap at Aldi. I’ve included them as optional, with different reasons for different items. Let’s take a look.

First of all, there’s bottled water. If you feel that you must buy bottled water then Aldi offers great prices. However, I think it makes more sense to consider other alternatives. If you don’t want to drink tap water, consider getting water in bulk instead of individual bottles. Those bottles aren’t great for nature or for your pocketbook.

Next up is meat. Again, if you do buy meat, Aldi can be an affordable choice. However, going meatless can be a smart choice for your finances as well as for your health.

Finally, there’s fresh produce. This is on my “optional” list for a different reason. I do think we should all buy lots of fresh produce. It can be affordable. It’s definitely healthy. The reason it’s a “maybe” is simply because it’s going to depend on what you like to eat from the produce section. It’s a big section. While many of the items are more affordable at Aldi than other places, you’ll have to do a more thorough item-by-item review to make sure it’s the right place to get your produce.

In Summary: What to Buy at Aldi to Maximize Savings

If you want to save the most money on groceries then you should always go to Aldi for bread, cereal, frozen fruit, and spices. If it’s important to you to buy meat and bottled water, then Aldi can be a good choice for those things as well. Finally, many produce items are affordable at Aldi. However, you might want to compare specific produce item prices against other stores before finalizing your list of what to buy at Aldi. Of course, if you have coupons for other stores, you’ll want to weigh those savings against Aldi’s prices before doing your shopping.

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