If managed incorrectly, your ammunition can seriously deteriorate. Not taking proper care of your bullets can become even more of an issue if you use specialty ammo for guns like shotguns or hunting rifles.

But what could happen? Is it even worth worrying about?

Absolutely! Taking proper care of your ammo is extremely critical, but there are a few well-known errors with storing ammo that we’re going to talk about. Let’s take a look.

1. Storing Ammo in Extreme Temperatures

Ammunition can be compromised when it is stored in extreme temperatures. Brass casings can become brittle and split in colder temperatures. Hot temperatures can cause rounds to overload and the powder to degrade.

To avoid this, store ammunition away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Store ammo in a shaded, dry location that is secure and properly ventilated.

2. Failing to Avoid Moisture and Humidity

Extreme levels of humidity can cause corrosion on the ammunition and render them unsafe and unusable. Always store ammo in a cool and dry place. For extra safety, place desiccant packs near your ammo to absorb any moisture.

Other options include storing ammo in a waterproof container, in a gun safe, or in a climate-controlled safe. If you are looking for ammo for your guns, see more for a variety of ammunition available here.

3. Failing to Separate Different Types of Ammo

When different types of ammo are kept in the same container, the risk of an explosion is increased. Mixing up the wrong types of ammo can lead to dangerous situations while shooting.

To avoid this mistake, store ammo in containers labeled with the type of bullet it contains. Additionally, separate ammo by type and caliber to help prevent jams and explosions.

4. Not Using Good Quality Storage Containers

Improperly stored ammo can become corroded and damaged, leading to poor performance or even dangerous explosions when fired. To avoid this mistake, make sure your container is made of durable materials and is water-resistant. Also, ensure it is able to remain secure and isn’t easily opened by children.

5. Skipping Regular Inspection of Ammo Storage

Not regularly inspecting ammo storage can lead to a lack of visibility of any developing issues. It is important to inspect ammo storage regularly to ensure that everything is tidy and accounted for. Failing to do so can lead to improper loading, a misalignment of ammunition charges, and corrosion or rust.

6. Storing Ammo in Easily Accessible Places

When storing ammo, it’s crucial to take into account gun safety. Ensure all ammo is stored in a locked cabinet or storage container away from children, visitors, and other people. Also, always program all firearms with a safe and secure password to prevent unauthorized use.

Tips to Avoid Errors With Storing Ammo

Common errors with storing ammo are often made easily and can cause potentially hazardous problems. Remember to always inspect ammo to check for any signs of damage, and keep ammo in a sealed and dark container to prolong its life.

Ensure it is stored in an area away from flames and heat sources. Always pay attention to ammo shelf life. Ammo should be discarded if it expires.

Make sure to adhere to these simple tips when storing your ammo to avoid many common errors.

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