Online grocery shopping is very convenient. It’s so simple, and it requires no long hours of physical in-store shopping. After you’ve had a long day at work, I’m sure there are other things you rather be doing than hitting the store for an hour or more trying to get groceries. Online grocery shopping is a way to circumvent that. It allows you to shop while you’re at home, work, or just on the go. After pressing a few buttons, you can simply pick up your items in the designated pickup spot, where store associates load the groceries into your car. You can also opt in to get them dropped off right at your front door. For someone with a hectic life, it’s just another way to make your day go a little bit better, but it does come with some caveats. Follow along for annoying cons of online grocery shopping.

Product Quality

The number one problem with online grocery shopping for me is you cannot see the physical product. It’s nothing like laying your eyes on those fresh fruits and vegetables for your order. I’ve heard a lot of complaints of people getting bruised up fruit that they would never have picked for themselves. I would not want to waste my money on something I’m not about to eat because it doesn’t look good. I’d rather see what I’m getting, knowing that it’s the right thing, and ensure its top quality.


When you let someone else do your grocery shopping, they are responsible for substituting your items if the store is out of things on your list. Some services allow you to choose a substitute for missing items yourself. Other stores choose for you. While there is sometimes no upcharge for the items, you can get a lower value item or a brand you don’t care for. On the flip side, you could end up with a better quality product upgrade. That’s a 50/50 annoying con of grocery shopping. This also speaks to inventory issues. Sometimes online stores will show they have particular items in stock when that is not the case. This means you may end up having to go back to the store later or to a different store to get what you need. If you were physically in-store you could see for yourself what’s in stock and adjust your grocery list accordingly.

System Glitches

Another annoying con of grocery shopping online is system glitches. I hate when a website is down or facing problems while I try to put things in my cart or check out. Such problems create a longer shopping time and can result in an order you can not complete. y. Technology has its moments. While it can be a pain to deal with, I can’t argue with the convenience of someone doing physical in-store shopping for me.

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