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I am always on the go. Not only am I working 12+ hour days, but I’ve also always got something on my mind. It seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything you need to get accomplished done and cook dinner. Outside of that, food is expensive. These last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about how to reduce my grocery budget but make cheap and easy meals in the process. Follow along to find out my solutions.


I love a good pasta dish. Pasta noodles are one of the cheapest food products you can find in the store. Not only that, pasta only requires pasta boiling to cook. That means a lot less cook time. To dress up my pasta in a simple and easy way, I usually grab microwavable bags of frozen vegetables for a dollar at Kroger. Mixed with some pre-cooked chicken, I can easily make a $10 meal suitable for the whole family in as little as thirty minutes. For an even simpler suggestion, I like to spiral up a few zucchini and throw in some seasoned meat for a quick 15-minute meal.


Fish is a favorite in my household. I usually get a bag of tilapia or the large salmon package at Kroger. Once seasoned, I throw it in the air fryer. I run errands around the house till the timer goes off. Sometimes I throw in asparagus with the salmon and make a pot of quinoa (brand). When it’s cooked, I’ve got a scrumptious meal for about $12. I also like to bread fish and lightly spray it with oil to make a fired fish then pair it with some fires for a complete meal.


Sausage is super Versatile. I’m known for picking up different types to try. Eat them like a hotdog in a bun paired with chips. I also like cutting them up with cabbage and onions. I toss them in a pan and let them cook until the onions are translucent for an even better meal. There are many more cheap and easy-to-cook meals out there. Comment your favorite below.

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