Shop Now! These Retailers Take Expired Coupons

Couponing is fun and exciting. You get used to stacking deals, clipping, and organizing them. When it’s time to hit the store, you’re ready to go match up your deals. While couponing is fun, there are also things you have to be aware of. The most pressing thing is the expiration date of your coupon. An expired coupon could put an end to your shopping trip. If you have expired coupons you can trash them or use them at retailers that take expired coupons. Here’s how to shop now with those expired coupons.

The Commissary

If you can not use your expired coupons, there is one place you can send them to. The commissary takes expired coupons. Gather up your unusable coupons and send them to a commissary near you. The Commissary accepts coupons up to 6 months past their expired date. Also, be sure you are sending manufacturers coupons, as store-branded ones are not accepted. For information on how to send your expired coupons to commissaries, go to Troopons and help a military family in need.


It’s not enough just to shop for good deals for you. Your furry friends have to eat too. Many of you may know, but if you do not, you can use coupons at Petco. If you have their store-branded coupons, do not discard them because they are past the expiration date. Petco allows customers to use expired store-branded coupons up to a few days past the date. They do not accept expired manufacturer coupons, however.


After you get done shopping, you may get hungry. Who doesn’t love some good chicken from Chick-Fil-A to fill up on? While not a grocery store, the restaurant does have coupons, promotional cards, and deals on their app you can apply to your meal. If you have an expired promotional card, they will accept it. I have done it myself several times.

Other retailers that take expired coupons include Khol’s, Kroger, Petsmart, CVS, and Dicks Sporting Goods. If you’re unsure whether your store will accept yours, you can always check out their coupon policy or give them a ring. Now let’s go shopping!

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