Apparently my sister has decidede that simply eating on $1 a day is too easy. With me ending month 2 with over $20 to spare and slowly eating better food and learning slowly to cook better meals, my sister has gone into full SARBSS mode in an attempt to make things more difficult for me for month #3. Some of the “suggestions” have been to make the challenge living well on $0.50 a day, to be required to buy any food needed for recipes that readers send in to me (I can already predict that I would have a huge influx of Lobster and caviar recipes find their way to my email), starting month 3 with nothing again, limit where I can buy food to a single grocery store or doing the challenge for another family.

The thing is that while $20 is a huge amount when eating on $1 a day, it only takes two or three weeks of sub-par sales at local grocery stores to quickly wipe out that cushion. Having the cushion also makes the challenge a lot less stressful for me. It's never fun to be in a position when you have to hope that grocery store sales will be good in order for you to be able to eat.

I've decided that I will keep things as they currently stand through the first 100 days (same rules, readers determine the decision to any conflicts or questions) at which time it will definitely be time to consider some other options (like going to Hawaii for a couple of months to swim with turtles and sip tropical drinks on the beach)

I have also started to put together a basic guide on “How To Coupon When You Hate Couponing” but I need a little input from all of you as to what areas you definitely want covered and what parts of what I have done thus far have been most confusing (or you still don't understand how I was able to do something). I hope to have something for everyone n the next couple of weeks.

Today was a travel day again and in taking the advice of everyone about how I should get more organized, I did my packing the night before. Unfortunately, part of that packing included my digital camera which I was unable to find until I unpacked at the end of the day meaning that for the first time I have no photos of what I ate throughout the day (see, I knew there was a positive aspect to being disorganized). Photos will return on the next post (apologies on that).

I did get up and take a morning walk to get more of the cherry plums which I used to make another cherry plum banana smoothie. I grabbed a bowl of Kashi oatmeal before heading out with peanut butter and banana sandwiches and the Parmesan cheese Goldfish crackers in hand. When I got home I finished up the rest of the fried potato, onion, mushroom and spinach dish I had made whereupon I began unpacking and immediately found the camera I had been desperately searching for the entire day.

It should be an interesting third month and it is hard for me to believe that two months have gone by since I started this. The current weekly grocery store deals aren't that great so it doesn't look like it will be an easy month, but I'm hoping that my garden begins to produce edible veggies that I can incorporate into my meals. I hope that the challenge continues to be both entertaining and insightful and am happy that you have decided to continue to follow these adventures…

This is the current list of food I still have
This is the current list of what I have purchased:

Money Spent $40.01
Money left to spend: $20.99 ($5.04 must be spent at CVS)
Retail Value of everything bought: $1171.64


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