Every great chef keeps a well stocked pantry, including the basics, like flour and sugar, as well as those rare ingredients and secret spices. So, too, the great savers keep a well stocked pantry…of coupons. And every super saver relies on the basics, too. The Sunday Paper!

Sunday newspapers are the most reliable source of coupons. They also provide savings on a broad range of products. Three publishers print inserts, which are generally “inserted” into the pre-printed ads and store circulars:

  • SmartSource (SS, one or two inserts each week)
  • RedPlum (RP, usually one every other week)
  • PGBrand Saver (P&G, usually the first weekend of every month, with a second “special” mid-month)

SmartSource and RedPlum do not provide inserts on major holiday weekends; P&G DOES, so keep your eyes open fro them. The schedule for inserts in 2009 can be found at Newspaper Insert Schedule 2009

It is important to realize that not every newspaper subscribes to coupon publications (inserts). Also, not every newspaper subscribes to the same set of inserts, even within the same city. Even more complicating, coupon value in inserts, from the same publisher on the same weekend, frequently varies by region, even by town! “30 cents on two” in Baltimore maybe “$1.50 on one” in San Diego!

You can research which newspapers in your area carry which coupon inserts here:

Before you decide good Sunday coupons are not available in your area, do some investigation at a large supermarket, newsstand, restaurant, airport, hotel, or wherever you will find the largest selection of Sunday newspapers in your area. Look through them. You might be surprised. Even the local free “rag” may provide great coupons.

Once you’ve determine which paper has the highest volume of coupons, look through the inserts themselves:

  • Check the front page of the coupons; it often will state the $ value of offers contained (i.e., save $55 in this SmartSource).
  • Check if there are specific brands featured that week — for example, Unilever typically publishes their quarterly coupons for all brands in a single edition of RedPlum, as does Nestle.  Kraft publishes coupons for their brands together in SmartSouce, as does Kellogg's.  General Mills and Betty Crocker coupons come out at various times, but typically are featured together in SmartSource.  (e.g., if you are waiting for a Cascadian Farms or Muir Glen coupon, they will likely be published with other General Mills brand coupons.  If you don't see General Mills coupons at all, you probably won't find coupons for the brands you are looking for, BUT, if you DO see General Mills brands, the coupons you want might be there too).
  • Check for any show stopper super coupons
  • Check for ultra high value, free item, or hard to find coupons

If you don't see anything of interest, you may not want to waste time, energy, or money obtaining additional copies. If it does, however, it’s time to move into Super Saver mode!

You need to receive the best coupon inserts offered to achieve super savings. Another key to super savings is having multiple copies of the coupons you really want. You need to have a coupon for every item in your shopping cart! If you are going to buy 5 of one item, you need five coupons good on that item! You can achieve this by obtaining multiple copies of the inserts, as inexpensively as possible. There are several ways to do this:

1. Double Check Your Paper: If you have a paper delivered make sure you go through it thoroughly. Frequently extra inserts find their way through the sorting process and into your paper. Don’t assume that you’ve found them all.

2. Call Your Newspaper: If you don’t receive your regular inserts call the paper on that day and request that they deliver them. You are paying for the paper; you’d probably complain if the news section did not come; the inserts are money in your pocket. Make sure you get what you are paying for.

3. Buy A Paper: If your paper doesn’t carry the best inserts, or if you find some really outstanding coupons, you can purchase a second or different paper. Make sure the coupons are physically in the paper you pick up before you buy it. Look through them. You need to balance the cost of that paper against the savings you will actually see. Are the coupons worth the price of the paper to you?

4. Check “Free To The Public” Papers: Many subscribe to the inserts. Get as many as you can.

5. Check At Your Local Store: Many grocery stores discount the price of Sunday papers. Stores also return unsold papers for credit when the next paper is delivered; generally inserts do not need to be returned. Ask the late night shift, you might be surprised.

6. Check Local Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, etc.: Basically anywhere people purchase papers and sit down to read them. Ask people if they are going to use the inserts. If they leave their paper behind, take it before it gets tossed. Make friends with the receptionists, hostesses, lobby managers, and ask them to save them for you when they are tidying up the area.

7. Check Newspaper Recycling Bins: Apartment, condos, hotels, businesses, neighborhoods, communities, even the recycling centers will often allow you to look through their paper recycle. If you live in a town with curbside recycling, taking a evening stroll the night before they are picked up can give you a lot of extra coupons inserts at no cost.

8. Inquire Within Your Community: Ask friends, family, neighbors, even colleagues for their inserts. Most people don’t use coupons, and are delighted to contribute.

9. Start A Coupon Collection / Recycle Box: People are usually glad to donate their inserts at work, in the break room, at church, at your club, your child’s school, wherever people you know gather.

10. Contact Friends, Family, A Coupon Train, and Exchange Coupons Across Locales: They may not want that $2 coupon on toothpaste from their insert, while you may have one they are looking for!

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  1. Wow! And Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! I have found that at a library close by they have a ‘coupon recycle’ box. But I’ve never thought about asking the local store for the coupons out of the papers that have to be sent back. I have found it very helpful to ‘look’ before buying to make sure there’s coupons in my paper. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Other than the 3 companies listed in this article, if anyone has ideas on getting coupon booklets added into a small, local newspaper – I would be interested in finding out how to go bout getting this to happen.

    Thank you!

  3. I will start looking through the sunday paper before buying it because there were a few times I bought the paper (for 3.25) and there was only 1 small insert. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and wished I could have known before purchasing it. I was always too afraid to flip through it before buying because I feel like they’ll get mad if I do that 🙂

  4. Does anyone know where they deliver all three inserts in the smartsource paper or any paper delivered to people’s home free. I live in Orange County so anywhere in orange county is ok.
    Please let me know!

  5. Does anyone know if the saturday papers like bangor daily and sunday journal have the same coupons in it on sunday or are they differnt.

  6. cause i live in maine and i just started with coupons and i love it but we only have 3 papers around here and not sure if the sunday paper has the same inserts as saturdays..

  7. Need help.Does anyone know where or how to get the coupon inserts in quantity for free or even a fee? Live in Waldorf,Maryland.

  8. I suggest looking into if you have a freecycle network in your area, search freecycle online. If people are buying the papers but don’t use the coupons, they may be willing to give you their coupons. I emailed my local newspaper and they said they are not allowed to give away manufacturer coupons.

  9. hello i live in the bangor maine area and im just starting to use coupons any good hints or help you could give me would be great thank you very much.

  10. I have also recently started getting into couponing. I usually buy 2-5 papers at a time to get multiple inserts. There is a local paper here in CT that has all 3 and is only $2, so I usually spend about $10 for the inserts. I just started searching for inserts and you can find them on E-Bay,usually in groups of 5 inserts. You are basically paying for time for someone to collect and shipping. Often you can get 5 inserts (one type) for about a dollar. I think I will start doing this since it will cost me about $3 instead of $10 each week. Also,I just found where you can order Redplum inserts to be delivered directly to your house : http://www.valassis.com/1024/Contact/consumersupport.aspx

    and where you can order inserts in bulk : http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com/Whole_Inserts_s/21.htm

    Haven’t tried these last 2 yet, but definitely going to.

  11. I get my Sunday paper with all of the inserts at my local dollar store for only a dollar. It saves me tons.

  12. I purchase 10 Sunday Newspapers for $4.00 from a Newspaper in the San Diego area. I cannot say which Newspaper because I was told not to post this on a public site and I will keep my word. The sales manager even called me to let me know that their are no coupons in two coming Sundays, and on my first delivery he told me not to throw away the Parade insert because there was a great coupon for Mc’Donald’s. My sister got the deal first and then I was given the deal because I mentioned her to her contact. I was told that these are insider deals. What I believe is that they are rates for business. For example, hotels that supply the newspaper to each room. You will probably have to do some talking and convincing to get this one. But, it is worth a try. My sister and I both have years and years of customer service management experience. Remember, you get a lot more when you shower someone with compliments and kindness. Be genuine. be nice, good luck!

  13. hi my name is becca and i was wondering if there was a way that i could get coupon insets shiped to my house.

  14. I just started collecting coupons about 2 months back…i was not aware that the newspaper doesnt have coupons on majoy holidays and now i feel that i lost money 🙁 LOL.
    I get very excited when i save at least $30 every time i go grocey shopping.
    I wish we can form a club so we can share coupons, like i do with my co-workers.

  15. Wow i read everyone comment i very surprise that newspaper are not cheap. Good thing my newspaper is only $.50 ( The Dispatch).

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