“Honey, where are tampons?”“In the bag”

“WHICH bag?”

“You know, in there somewhere with the other stuff”

“These aren’t tampons”

“They were in the right area”

“But you know what the box looks like”

“They all look the same”

“But there was a picture on the coupon. Did you use the coupon?”

“Um, no. A guy can’t use a coupon for tampons”

“And why did you buy a 100 foot super extension cord? We live in an apartment, nothing is 100 feet away from a plug”

“We might need one someday”

“And what about this car buffer? You haven’t washed the car since we’ve lived here”

“I might”

“But there’s no place to plug it in”

“We have a new extension cord”


“Well…I didn’t want to be seen hanging out in that aisle. People will think I’m weird or something. A guy can’t just buy tampons. And I needed to buy stuff to cover up the tampons. You can’t just carry those around a store”

So, my $3 tampons cost around $100. So much for the budget.

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