23 years later, we’ve both adapted to married life. We both learned that day that nothing wreaks havoc on a budget quite like embarassment.

It’s not uncommon for people to be embarassed and self-conscious about budgeting their finances. Shopping the sales, using coupons, making sure discounts and items are properly credited, buying a product that “feels” like second-rate, all can bring out the EMOTIONS of shopping. When the emotions are let loose, so is the money.

One trick several friends use to stay on track on the grocery aisles is to carry a series of index cards.

On one is printed the word Stop.

On one, the phrase “You Don’t Deserve To Be In Debt. You Do Deserve Financial Security” as well as things like “You Deserve Peace“; “You Deserve To Have Nice Things. You Don’t Deserve That Overpriced Junk

On one, “Don’t Be Embarrassed That You Are Too Smart To Waste Your Money Like They Are“.

You Don’t Need To Spend To Love

or whatever else does it for them. Those cards get carried around along with the shopping list and coupons, and they actually do help them remember that the budget is a blessing, not a curse.

Remember, Donald Trump shops at KMart. The heiress of a well known flour company uses coupons and shops sales. Rich people who stay that way don’t waste money.

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