Keeping costs down, and staying within a budget, can be overtaken by events (OBE) fairly easily. Even with the best intentions, things happen.

When I was newly married, maybe 6 months into this adventure, I kept us on a very tight budget. It wasn’t easy, we were both post-grad, and while others were taking copious notes on molecular breakdowns of disease patterns, I was filling the margins of my notebook with menus, shopping lists, and other planning. Superwife in training.

One week, I pulled back to back 36-hour shifts. And, I ran out of tampons. DH, however, was heading out to Longs Drugs to pick up some film, so I asked him if he could pick up a package of tampons.

The blood drained from his face.

Now, we’d shopped together for six months, he’d been physically present when I purchased tampons. I always chose the same brand, same box, same package design. How hard could this really be? He was getting a Ph.D. in rocket science, after all!

I gave him The coupon, which had a nice picture of the item on it.

I didn’t hear from him. You would think he would come in proudly bearing gifts, but no. I called up to his office, he said they were in the car. I went to the car. Hmmm…

The conversation that followed went something like this:

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  1. Haha, great post! I love the anecdote, as well as ho you tied it in to the general problem of embarrassment.

    (BTW: “wreaks” havoc, not reeks.)

  2. WHAT? The real problem with this post is that your husband is an idiot. If a man had a problem doing that for me after 6 months and said all that sexist stuff to me we’d be done unless he realized it was messed up and immediately went back and did the RIGHT thing. This post has nothing to do with budgeting!

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