This wouldn’t be a challenge between me and my sister if there weren’t some controversy along the way. During the Eating Well On $1 A Day Challenge, I asked the readers to resolve disputes that came up — I have the first one for the Thanksgiving Dinner For Six For $1 Challenge.

I purchased some biscuits for myself for free this week and I ended up getting $0.06 back. Unlike some stores, there is no specific policy about getting money back for Lucky grocery stores. When my total comes to an overage, I always tell the cashier to keep the money, but some insist that I take it.

In addition to the 6 Pillsbury Grands biscuits I purchased for myself, I have also purchased another 240 or so thus far for local food banks. Through those transactions, I have earned an additional $0.64 (6 @ $0.06 and 2 @ $0.11 – the $0.11 comes from the cashiers that give a $0.05 discount for bringing my own bag):

Biscuit receipts

My sister believes that since it is not stated store policy and I don’t get the money back for each transaction I do, I should not be able to put that money toward the Thanksgiving challenge. My opinion is that I tell the cashiers to keep the money, but some insist I take it so it is fair to add it. What do you think? Should I be allowed to add the $0.64 (and any additional money I earn in the next few days as I buy more) toward the Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge?

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Feel free to ask any questions that you have and leave comments to your opinion on this. I will abide by whatever the consensus ends up being…

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