I hope that I’m able to find a lot more deals like this in the coming weeks as this will make my job of creating a Thanksgiving meal for six people for $1.00 a lot easier. I ended up securing six packages of Pillsbury Grands biscuits for better than free at Lucky Supermarket – I actually made $0.06 meaning that I now have $1.06 to spend on my Thanksgiving meal. I will only keep three of the biscuit packages and donate the other three to my local food bank (if you are interested, I explain exactly how I did it — and how I also purchased another 120 packages for free)

Free Pillsbury Grand biscuits

Free Pillsbury Grands biscuits receipt

I have now crossed off stuffing, gravy and biscuits from my planned Thanksgiving menu, but I still have a long way to go. As I look at what else I need, I am getting a bit nervous as to whether I will be able to pull it off. I will need a bit of lady luck to have the right deals available along the way and I should get a lot better feeling of my chances when I see the deals that come out next week. My fingers are crossed…

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  1. You can do so many things with canned biscuits! Paula Deen is the queen of canned biscuits and I was just looking at one of her cookbooks this week for Thanksgiving ideas.

  2. No way, they double coupons over .50? Not here in Massachusetts they don’t… you got them to double a $3 coupon! I would love to do that!

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