Christmas has passed, but the deals keep rolling. If you go to any store, you will notice most Christmas items on sale. This extends to gifts sets, perfume, candles, home, and Christmas decor. It’s a great time to get a head start on Christmas gifts for next year. It’s my favorite shopping season. While you can do some Christmas shopping, there are edible items on sale too. Follow along for Christmas grocery markdowns you may want to get right now.


Target does sell food items in most stores. Right now, you can find Christmas food goods on sale for up to 50% off. If you head in-store tomorrow, you can find the deals marked down almost 70%. This is the lowest perishable food goods down. Mostly, you will find lots of candy items. I go for the gromet chocolates that I use for Easter. They also have a great assortment of sausage and cheese gift sets, seasonal baked goods, and holiday drinks. Be sure to check your Target Circle offers for additional savings on Christmas goods.


Walmart Christmas clearance went from 10% on December 10th down to 50% on December 26th. It is expected to hit 75% off between Dec. 31-Jan. 10th. It should go as low as 90% off by Jan. 11th. I usually shop for holiday cookies and baked goods. You can also shop the holiday pringles, snack cakes, and drinks.


Another one of my favorite places to shop for Christmas groceries is Kroger. Not only do I shop all my meats there, but they usually have great holiday deal items. There is not a current markdown schedule for their holiday items, but items should be at least 40% off right now. Check back every few days to get great discounts on gingerbread houses, chocolate advent calendars, and fancy chocolates. They may also have some holiday snack items depending on what kind of Kroger is near you.

Here are just a few of my favorite places to get Christmas grocery markdowns, what are yours? Drop them below in the comment section.

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