We are still in the holiday season. While Thanksgiving just ended, it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. Right now, I’m currently just trying to get all my gifts into the house and ready to be packaged. And while we’re all in the spirit of Christmas and going out shopping to pick out the perfect gift, we can’t forget about that delicious dinner you have to cook. It’s the perfect time to get your meal planned and planned for the upcoming holiday, and here’s how!

Main Dish

If you plan to serve similar main dishes to what you had at Thanksgiving, you need to start buying now. I’m sure several grocery stores have leftover turkey and ham. Purchase frozen, and they store well in the freezer. If you pick them up now, before they get in a new shipment, you can catch them at a discount. Stores like Aldi always have great markdown specials on those. You can even find specials in places like Target, where they are selling them for $.99 a pound right now. If you’re thinking about ham, there are always great deals on spiral ham. Getting one of those will save you money and time in the kitchen.

Side Dishes

If you’re looking for side dishes, you’re in luck as well. Right now is the perfect time to scour the grocery store ads. Look at what vegetables or side dishes are on sale. You have three weeks to get this done. There is no limit to what kind of deals you can find in that time. Be sure to only shop for products that are on sale to save you the extra bucks at the register. Some of the most popular sales going on right now are in the stores I like to shop. Kroger and Publix always take care of my grocery needs during the holiday season.


Desserts are kind of tricky. Most stores do not make or sell exclusive desserts for the holidays. Instead, most of what they put out is offered during the year. That doesn’t mean you can’t score a deal. If I am not in the mood to bake, I head to the freezer aisle. A good Marie Calander or Edward pie and delicious ice cream usually do the trick. To score savings on these items, stalk the weekly ads and use cashback sites like Ibotta and Fetch.

By using these tips, you can prep for your Christmas dinner today.

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