Spot Fake Grocery Coupons

When it comes to couponing, there is a lot you have to look out for and be aware of. You can save a lot of money, but there are some scams out there. Along with glittering and people passing off stolen coupons, there are other dangers. One of the top things you have to watch out for is fakes. Here is how to spot fake grocery coupons.


Let me remind you that copying coupons is illegal, and anyone knowingly using or making fake coupons could face fines and jail time. One of the easiest ways to spot a fake is by looking at the coupon’s appearance. Coupons should be sharp with the barcode easy to make out. Be wary of any coupon that appears blurred or missing a barcode. Make sure you check to see that the font is consistent throughout, and be sure the expiration date is valid.

Check The Site

If you are downloading coupons online, be sure to check the source. You can do this by clicking the source link. If it does not take you to a legitimate retailer’s website or a known coupon printer like RedPlum, do not print it. Also, be wary of any coupons that require you to share a screenshot at the register during purchases. Most coupons do not come as pdf screenshots, and a majority of retailers will not accept coupons in that form.


Lastly, consider costs. Coupons should not cost you anything. It is against the law to sell manufacture coupons. If a website or a group you are in suggests hefty payment to ship you coupons, you can bet they probably aren’t up to par. This could mean the coupons are fake or even stolen. Some websites may adversities a small fee that goes towards preparation and shipment fees. It’s best to look up reviews from such sources to ensure the legitimacy of what you are getting.

In closing, it’s better to get coupons from trusted sources like, manufacturers’ websites, loyalty cards, and from the Sunday paper.

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