You’ve probably stood in a checkout line behind someone who has a coupon for every item they’ve purchased, and it seems like eternity until they are finished. But, they probably saved over 50% to 80% off their grocery bill in that few minutes!

How, you ask?

If you want to try your hand at snipping scissors for savings, first you need the coupons! The best source for coupons is in the Sunday newspapers. The inserts are tucked in the middle with the advertisements.

With the cost of a Sunday paper usually ranging from $1.00 – $1.50, it is a good investment with sometimes hundreds of dollars worth of coupons. And can you believe most people throw them away? Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors to save the inserts for you. Be on the lookout for businesses who subscribe and leave papers around for customers to read (ie Gas Stations, Laundry Mats). Check recycling bins. “Dumpster dive” if you have to.

On Monday, ask your newspaper carrier and stores if they have any leftover Sunday papers that didn’t sell. Vendors usually only have to send in certain parts of the newspaper (ie the heading) of those that didn’t sell to get credit for unsold papers. But they still have the coupons inside!

Unfortunately around Holidays, coupon inserts aren’t as plentiful. So, you may want to check the Newspaper in the Newsstand on Mother’s Day before searching the couch cushions for pocket change. And not all Sunday newspaper carry the same inserts. Some may have one, and another three. And even if they carry the same inserts, the amounts of the coupons may be different! It is common that coupons have a higher dollar value in an urban area over a rural area.

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